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Jude law sadie frost swinging

Naked Galleries Jude law sadie frost swinging.

I have no idea what it is or why or anything.

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Jude went to collect his award and he looked smarmy and sexy and dashing all at once, per usual. As many have noted, it really does seem like being back with Sienna Miller agrees with him, at least in the looks department. Incidentally, I read something very interesting about Jude and his ex-wife Sadie Frost. Jude Law has seriously fallen out with his ex-wife Sadie Frost over her latest career move.

Ever since their divorce, the pair have enjoyed a remarkably civilised friendship. But now the autobiography Sadie has been writing since Christmas has created a rift between the former couple. Jude, who is filming in Paris, has reportedly taken advice from solicitors Atkins Thomson, who also advise his girlfriend Sienna Miller. Sources involved with the project say the book will span her childhood, early career and her marriage to Jude — as well as their break-up.

But those close to Sadie insist the book will focus on her life — rather than her ex-husband and her close friends, who include the supermodel Kate Moss. I also would like to know if Sadie thought or perhaps still thinks that Jude might have had an Jude law sadie frost swinging with Nicole Kidman while they filmed Cold Mountain.

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People always forget about that rumor! But that was who Jude was rumored to be hooking up with when his marriage to Sadie fell apart.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Report this comment as spam or abuse. I like Jude Law as an actor.

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There is nothing more English then a bisexual Swinger, Sienna Miller is probably into that crappy lifestyle also. Risa — You Jude law sadie frost swinging me laugh out loud I almost spit my drink out. IDK, if she was trying to take him down in some sort of way, she had plenty of opportunity before this point, so why now? Both Jude and his trashy ho bag GF should be worried.

If his career and image get tarnished because stuff about him comes out, he really only has himself to Jude law sadie frost swinging. However, I would question why anyone would trash their kids father and reveal such private things about them, knowing their kids would hear about it some way or another.

Nanny-gate and groupie lovechild is about as damaging as it can get. I get your point Iggles. He will tank and you know it deep inside after he shoved that woman photographer on the elevator in NYC.

Or the time he forgot how many kids he had on Letterman? Or, at least wait until the kids have grown up and reached their mid-twenties thus getting through adolescence and an undergraduate degree, at the very least.

And who will really care? This will just create attention for the book.

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Some channel 4 programmes are on their YouTube channel, so try looking for it there. All the stories and knocking up his one night stand should be enough to embarass them for life!

He played a lovelorn widower who protected and nurtured his two adorable daughters… Report this comment as spam or abuse. I am not really sure if you are right Emily because he would not be worried in the first place if people already know everything. We will find it out soon.

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Kelly, I just always got the impression that these two were still friendly after the divorce, and therefore less likely to do something like this than, say, Denise Richards. I watched Jude in the Holiday too-he is a man ho but he was charming and yummy in that movie. He is WAY overrated. Kevin Spacey, on the other hand, rocked the shiz out of that movie, but I digress.

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I think this is the type of gossip I respect from a real star, and that is what Jude Law is. Sadie is an enigma also.

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Their children will be no worse for wear than civilian kids of libertine parents. I got the respect for this flavor of freak. The only one damaging his career is him by keep on insisting he is an actor!!!!!!!!!

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I think he is a very good actor…. Also, a cute hottie,guy!! Which is always,cool…If, you think about it…most actors male and female…are always, having their flings. Hot Dogs are sandwiches? Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact.

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