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Shaved chevy body line

xXx Photo Galleries Shaved chevy body line.

Looking to see how you guys would go about shaving this body line.

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I'm already pretty set on how i'm going to go about it, but I want to hear how you guys would go about it. How "right" do you want to do it? Cut out the line and replace it with flat metal. Cut a strip of metal and weld it over the body line.

Fill it with a reinforced filler like Evercoats Kitty Hair. Personally, I would be looking at number 3.

Well I'll be the oddman...

Only because unless you are a master metal man if you were you wouldn't have asked the question you are going to be covering the sides of the truck with filler anyway, you might as well jump to the chase. But I have to Shaved chevy body line, why fill it? I have seen that line filled before on an S, it gave it a taller look do to the loss in the vertical line.

The truck already has sort of a "Velveeta box" sort of look, why accentuate it? I would look a making MORE "lines" of some sort to make the truck more interesting not less.

If you wanted to add some interest, how about filling the line with Everglass or something, then cutting in the Everglass TWO lines instead? Two perfect lines that are only an eighth of an inch wide and deep.

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I don't know, that sounds like it would add "interest" to the truck. Or, spend the time filling those lines instead on super detailing it, making every panel fit to perfection. THAT would be some good time spent with shocking "why the heck does it look so good" results.

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Well it's a customer's ride and he demands the line's shaved, and i planned on using step 3, but I see that all choices have a chance of showing up later because of different materials contracting at different rates in different temps.

I have a journal on this truck.

Well I'll be the oddman...

I partialy shaved the line on mine. After adding Caddy tail lights I needed the body line to stop just before the light area. I did the same to the tailgate after adding a flat panel.

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Very little filler was needed then the area was blocked and blocked and blocked. Nice S, looks straight as an arrow, the SPI red also looks good! Chad, I'd just run a block over the line to make sure there isn't any high spots at the bend Shaved chevy body line need to be worked down, then strip that area with a klean and strip disc and apply two coats of epoxy primer followed by Everglass and it'll be just fine.

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Stay away from the allmetal and metal to metal alluminum colored fillers, junk IMO. Keeping the line like Brian suggested would be the best though, and his idea of adding a center line within the groove is an excellent idea IMO.

I don't know about "junk" on the Metal 2 Metal but I havn't used it in years because of its poor working qualities.

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Everglass, Kitty Hair, Duraglass, etc. I am thinking that it would be best to bring the filler out over the surrounding area. In other words, don't just apply it over the area and then sand it flat so there is this perfect stripe of filler going down the side of the truck. With expansion and contraction you would likely have a "ghost line" there in time.

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Well i planned on working it out a little ways as that would probably be better for longevity, I like the idea of the two little lines but he want's it flat. I usually just apply duraglass to bare metal, but if you think epoxy would be better, I could do that.

Ski then followed by using...

I'll stay away from all metal, and pretty much made my mind up on that, but was wondering what your thoughts on it would be. I'm going to use basically all SPI on this one, unless i find something I don't like about it by then, but i doubt it.

I am not sure what year that S is that you are working on. You might want to run a hard block across it Shaved chevy body line check. I believe that there is a vertical curve in the panel, including the area of the body line.

That means that the filled body line will actually not be flat, but have a curve. They are a pain to block down and look good, although obviously it can be done. Using the rod to fill the line will make it easier to keep the filler from trying to flatten out when blocking.

Thanks, but all the credit goes to adtkart.