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Thru hole penis plugs

Porn Base Thru hole penis plugs.
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Wednesday, July 24, What is a Penis Plug? What is a Urethral Sound?

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What is a Penis Plug? A penis plug is a piece of stainless steel that is inserted into the urethral opening for sexual play and stimulation.

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I need to express that objects that you find around the house Thru hole penis plugs very unsafe. You will also find web sites out there selling plugs made of a multiple materials. The safest out there are made of the highest quality Surgical L Stainless Steel. Penis plugs are a form af sexual exploration and stimulation for both men and women. Women have only come aboard with this pleasure over the past couple of years. Men are the largest group using plugs, but women are now getting into the act of receiving when they mostly were the givers.

Some woman purchase these as a sexual aid for their male partners, but plugs can also be used by women. Women usually wish a smaller shorter plug. Urethral insertables come Thru hole penis plugs a range of shapes and sizes. Some are known as Urethral Sounds, which are straight or slightly curved pieces of steel used to unblock obstructions of the urethra or to increase the size of the urethra.

They have a piercing on the underside of the penis. A ball on the wand can be unscrewed for elimination of fluids. The term Prince Albert applies specifically to a piercing which goes from the urethra out through the underside of the penis and is usually around mm from the urethral opening.