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Why don t florida people use deodorant

Adult sex Galleries Why don t florida people use deodorant.

Discussion in ' Disney World Tips ' started by javaJul 19, Log in or Sign up. Disney Cruise Line releases early itineraries!

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Jan 18, Messages: What is your favorite deodorant for Florida weather? I used to love secret clinical strength solid. But either it has changed or I have. Need something better So what do you use? May 19, Messages: I'm a guy, so no Secret here I use whatever I have tend to look for sales at CVS.

Here's the easy answer: "Bob,...

I have found most of them work the same, with limited exceptions as I've found a few that don't work well at all. Speed Stick for instance. Regardless of what you choose, anything will be better than those who chose not to partake in deodorant at all. We were "downwind" from one on Small World a few weeks ago.

In that case, our world was a bit too small for comfort. KlayfishJul 19, DaisyDuckA Mickeyfan and java like this.

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May 31, Messages: I use either Secret or Degree solid, what ever is on sale. There have even been times I have gotten Suave. I do not have a problem with odors.

I do sweat all around my face and neck, but under my arms are ok. I also tend to sweat by my jeans waistband when at the parks.

Maybe it's your body chemistry? Or foods you are eating??? A MickeyfanJul 19, Feb 25, Messages: I used Mitchum Men's unscented. At the store I compared the active ingredients in a variety and this one has the highest percentage, so I went with it.

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DH used the same, which was convenient. Also, I put it on before bedtime and again in the morning.

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That seems to be the difference with the clinicals so I tried it with this regular one too! Jan 6, Messages: Certain Dri works well, too. I find that I can't use the same brand repeatedly or it loses some effectiveness, whether or not I'm in Florida. Since I started switching between certain Dri and secret clinical strength, I've been much more comfortable.

Oh, and I always use the clinical strength at night, too, per the directions. Mar 31, Messages: North of MouseJul 19, Jul 27, Messages: DisneyOmaJul 19, Aug Why don t florida people use deodorant, Messages: I find that my body gets used to certain deodorants so I switch them up each time.

Clinical strength is pretty much as strong as it gets though right, maybe try a different brand of clinical strength? Have you looked into getting underarm botox? ShirikiUtunduJul 19, Thanks just wondering if there was some new favorite out there.

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