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This is the official blog of ex-Sgt Ellie Bloggs. I was a real live police constable then sergeant for twelve years, on the real live front line of England. I'm now a real Police officer blog non-police person. All the facts I recount are true, and are not secrets.

If they don't want me blogging about it, they shouldn't do it. PS If you don't pay tax, you don't or didn't pay my salary. Whenever I was called to a job involving someone armed with a firearm, machete, Police officer blog other weapon of lethal force, I used to be fairly relaxed. Inevitably, on arrival, the weapon is nowhere to be seen or is thrown down quickly. It's the "routine calls" that get you. The domestic that turns into an officer fighting for her life against an axe-wielding maniac.

The vehicle check where the offender suddenly pulls out a handgun.

Police officer blog guard against this type of incident, you would have to train officers to risk-assess like soldiers in hostile territory. To assume every house, every car, contains an enemy tooled up to Police officer blog eyeballs. The government wants police officers to now pay to put themselves through a policing degree, and is leaning towards recruits and senior officers with higher level exams and civilian business experience.

How do you reconcile the true nature of policing, the blood, the guts and the ignominy, with the government's view of the white collar police academic? Yet more evidence that the government is not on our wavelength when it comes to police reform. Yet more evidence that the Police officer blog British bobby is on the way out.

How many will continue to do their job, under these conditions? Even though the IPCC concluded that Lee Birch was hell-bent on killing ex-wife Anne-Marie, the papers still report this as if it was the police's fault. No officers had to answer for misconduct and there were "learning points" only, which is effectively when the IPCC tell you to assume every future call will be a potential murder. Domestic murders are particularly grim, and no police officer wants to think they had a chance to intervene in one.

But the papers and public repeatedly fail to grasp key facts about this type of crime: It is not news that domestic incidents had been reported to the police before. Very few people wake up one day and become psychotic murderers with no previous pattern of violent behaviour. If there was insufficient evidence to prove previous reports, then no charges could have been brought. The police do not make court bail decisions, nor sentencing ones. They should not be blamed for wanting answers as they deal with feelings of guilt and bereavement, but they may be no more or no less culpable than the police.

Of course, when the police do get it wrong, the case should be highlighted, and any officers who messed up through laziness or incompetence should be Police officer blog dealt with. In all such cases, it would be nice if the press would remember that in every case of domestic violence that does NOT lead to a murder, there is the possibility that the police did something right.

Which doesn't make for such a snappy headline. At last, some concrete figures to support what front-line officers have been feeling over the last few Police officer blog In recent years as a sergeant, trying to find people to stay on was like pulling teeth.

In the end, we'd just draw straws. Gruelling shift patterns, reduced staffing levels and reduction in rest day working payments, have all contributed. All these measures were designed to save money and alter police conditions to bring it more in line with a "normal" Police officer blog. Instead, they are forcing overtime budgets up and now we are seeing the consequence of trying to treat police officers like any other employees.

Police work is not "normal". That's not me having an inflated view of myself or my colleagues. In any other job, if someone swears in your face and threatens you, you call a manager or for the police. If there's a fire alarm or bomb alert, you evacuate to safety.

If a colleague is attacked and seriously injured, someone else will come to help you and deal with it. In the police, you are the one that deals with these situations. I have tended to injured parties while fights go on around my head.

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I have been assaulted and threatened on numerous occasions. I have dealt with defecation and vomit, and still done my job.

I have crept alone through darkened houses looking for intruders, because the householders were too afraid. I have been the only Police officer blog standing between a woman and the husband wanting to smash her face in. I have taken decisions that no one else wanted to take, when all my managers were asleep in bed.

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I have been blamed for mistakes I've made and the mistakes of others. I have seen good men and women drawn to desperate acts that lost them their jobs, due to a lack of supervision and support.

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Policing is not a normal job, but it is done by normal humans. The moment you forget that, police officers will lack the support and respect needed to stay motivated, healthy, and honest. If you think that's an excuse, show me Police officer blog you would be any different.

Stories like thisin which a judge recalled two drug dealers for sentencing because they bragged on Facebook and were abusive about her, will bring a Police officer blog to most police officers' faces. In fact, I would hazard a guess it was the officer in the case who highlighted this, unless the judge happened to be friends with the males. Justice Lunt originally suspended the sentences due to the contrition shown.

She overturned it because that contrition was proved false. Daniel and Samuel Sneddon.

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Since my earliest blogging days, and before, we've been reading about how the police should have more Common Sense. I've bewailed the loss of commonsense from the start.

A few years ago, Blandshire Constabulary trained us all in Professional Judgment. This was the politically correct term for Discretion, something that is inherent in the office of constable. Discretion is the ability of the uniformed bobby to listen to the individual circumstances of the human being facing them, and take a decision based on their Police officer blog moral judgment, with regard to the needs of society, rather than based on Police officer blog performance target or edict from above.

The fact that the management thought we had to be trained in this was disturbing enough, but the training itself was farcical. Not based on the law as there are some situations where an officer is duty bound to act a certain waybut based on Blandshire's risk assessments and policies. By the end of the training, it was clear that the purpose of rolling out Professional Judgment, was to make very clear to all officers and the public as well as the media and the IPCCthat officers of Blandshire Constabulary made their own decisions, and therefore it would not be their sergeant, inspector or commander's fault if they happened to make the wrong one.

The Police officer blog blamed the wider failings of the police. Whilst there is no excuse for the sloppy judgment shown by the officers in this case, how many times had they neglected their duty without action from above? How do we get into a situation where a man's life can depend on the Police officer blog of the police officer called to help him? How many lives have been saved because an officer used their judgment to go above and beyond what their manager had required?

It's all very well preaching about commonsense and discretion, I'll endorse it when I see that officers truly are able to do their jobs without "fear or favour", and that is going to take more than fine words.

I haven't blogged for a while.

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There are a number of reasons, but I am still here, sort of. I've been spending some time this week reading back through my blog in the early days, trying to figure out why I stopped writing it.

It's clear from my early posts that there was a lot of fun to be had at the government's expense. The Labour government was a delightful source of entertainment for this police blogger, from its wonderful ideas on legalising parentingto its devil-may-care attitude to spending on operations like Overt Police officer blog Safeguardto the all-encompassing Home Office Counting Rules.

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Things changed in The Coalition or let's call it the Conservative Government, added a sinister dimension to what had been, up until then, playful tinkering with the police. Of course, I had not thought of it as playful, but it seems it in retrospect. Oh, how I came to long for the Police officer blog when Tony McNulty would exhort the public to " jump up and down " to deter crime. The Home Office had declared all-out war Police officer blog the police.

This was not the stuff of comic light reading, but of deep-rooted concern across the board in the police. It was hard to know how best to tackle it. The Police Federation were saying some sensible stuff, but also had problems of their own, leading to a number of high profile cock-ups. The tide of public opinion had changed.

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With the recession, Police officer blog public did not want to hear coppers whingeing about their pay and conditions, or about whatever piece of legislation was doing what, or even to hear light-hearted stories about officers having far too much fun at work.

The public had their own concerns. The age of the public sector whistle-blower was drawing to a close. I still think there's room for measured debate on police reform, and decisions about what kind of police force we want in Police officer blog country.

I also still think there's room to poke fun at those in power, even if there aren't many left with a sense of humour. I have sheathed, but not unloaded, my satirical handguns.

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