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Fireman groupies

Pron Videos Fireman groupies.

What are uniform chasers?

Adorable fireman groupies quality porn

Hose hoes, or hose hoochies. This comes up every so often in conversation among fire wives. I have personally never dealt with any of the above terms.

By Scott Ziegler, FireRescue1 Contributor....

That Fireman groupies be a whole other post. I assume these females fall into the trap of public safety stereotypes. Sometimes I see them on Facebook, especially on pages that I will not name because they claim to raise funds for certain things, so I hope they do I just hate that they use sexuality and firefighting to do it.

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I hate the photos of hairless, tanned, shirtless firefighter who look like they are probably playing for the other team. Fireman groupies their gear is spotless clean and look freshly pressed.

I assume SOME are real fireman, others are models. Some of you fire wives like this and that is fine….

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What kind of man looks sexy in bunker gear? Suspenders over a tshirt of a man who has sweat dripping from his brow.

The other day I was...

Men in dirty, worn out gear. Men with hair, not too much unless you like that bear type of man. Men who have laugh lines.

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