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Ideas for 6 month anniversary for girlfriend

Porn clips Ideas for 6 month anniversary for girlfriend.

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Undergraduate Full time Part time. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. What to get my girlfriend for our 6 month anniversary? Find out how to boost your performance with these healthy snacks.

Start new discussion Closed. Biggillystyle Follow 1 follower 10 badges Send a private message to Biggillystyle. Follow 1 Hey guys, basically need some advice on what i should get for my gf for our 6 month anniversary.

Its in a week or so. Anyone got any suggestions? Follow 2 Get her nothing, are you so incapable of having a lasting serious relationship that you must celebrate being together for six months? Hylean Follow 28 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Hylean.

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Follow 3 It's only 6 months. If you must, though, just take her out to her favourite restaurant or something. Follow 4 Follow 5 Don't bother getting her anything.

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It's only six months. Wait until you've been with her a year. Follow 6 Don't buy her a present, but it might be nice to make a small fuss of it?

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Spend the day together or something, go to another town for the day maybe. Follow 7 Original post by chinaberry Don't buy her a present, but it might be nice to make a small fuss of it? Follow 8 Follow 9 Ignore everyone that is saying "Wtf its only 6 months, get her nothing". Me and my girlfriend have been together a year and 2 months now, and on our 6 month anniversary, I bought her an A5 notepad, this one: She absolutly adored the book and we now stick every photograph we get together in it, write our feelings for each other in it occasionally, and draw silly photos and write silly words, such as personal jokes that make us laugh.

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She has also taken this book on holiday with her as she knew she was going to miss being with me, and read it on the night times before she went to bed. On top of all of that, i got her a fake rose that she still has now in her bedroom.

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So yeah, you dont have to buy her anything expensive, a lot of girls me and my girlfriend know, know about the book, and they said theyd adore having one and it was an amazing idea, not bragging ofcoursesince it was cheap, yet can keep memories in it forever. Follow 10 Don't buy her anything. Six months is a nice time to spend with somebody, but it's not Ideas for 6 month anniversary for girlfriend a massive occasion and I think if you bought her a big gift, it seems a little weird. Personally, I'd just want to spend the whole day with my girlfriend and go for a nice meal and the cinema or something.

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Follow 11 Follow 12 Lamptastic Follow 23 followers 14 badges Send a private message to Lamptastic. Follow 13 Or something small if you must. You aren't going to celebrate your relationship biannually are you, if so lucky girl!

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