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Oils causing small holes in condom

xXx Pics Oils causing small holes in condom.

I had a sexual encounter with a sex worker yesterday. It's my first vaginal penetrative sex with unknown partner and right now I'm worried to the point of breaking down. I have a wife.

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Please Dr, help me with this. I read some of answers in this website, but it's conflicting Oils causing small holes in condom inconclusive. I'll try to make it short. When I notice it, I decided to put it on myself, with the same condom.

The she gave me a brief bj. My concern is whether she punctured the condom with her fingernails or teeth. I didn't notice any visible breakage. What is my risk of getting HIV? Before putting on the condom and before having sex.

I'll try to make it...

She massaged me with oils. But, after I ejaculated, the condom is still intact. My semen was still in the condom and i didnt notice any leakage.

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Does it created pores that makes hiv viruses pass thru? Or ineffective as in it causes it to break? What is my risk?

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I'm begging you for your opinion and advise. I'm worried sick to the point of breaking down to depression. I don't know what to do.

I promise myself not to visit such places again. I have no place to turn to. Thanks for writing in.

Condoms are engineered to tear or bust when the integrity of the condom has been comprised i. The condom remained intact through the entire act of penetrative sex, and therefore it protected you against HIV.

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