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Or are we going to have to arm wrestle? The first episode picks up where the movie left off: Jack gripes that he prefers to assemble his Samantha carter naked team one apparently comprised entirely of men. Captain Samantha Carter reporting, sir. I played with dolls when I was a kid. Did you have that cool little backpack that made him fly?

Those of you on your first trip through the Stargate, obviously referring to Sam you should be prepared for what to expect. Especially in matters Samantha carter naked to the Stargate.

I should have gone through then. But sir, you and your men might as well accept the fact that I am going through this time. SAM It is appropriate to refer to a person by their rank, not their salutation.

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Call me Captain, not Doctor. JACK Oh, this has nothing to do with you being a woman.

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Carter ends the discussion by confidently stating that she can handle anything the guys can. Like, why does this even need saying? She has no problem putting him in his place when he refers to her as doctor, saying it is appropriate for her superior officer to address her by rank.

Captain Carter is so tough, smart, and capable, that over the course of the show, she is promoted to Major, and eventually Colonel, taking over leadership of the team in the final seasons. While Carter is always strong, her physical abilities are showcased in three particular episodes that stand out. Samantha carter naked

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The girls can be bought or sold by their fathers to other men to be used as brides, and for cooking, cleaning, and other menial duties. Girls are also forced to cover their faces Samantha carter naked public, and if they disobey a man, they can be stoned to death. Does this planet sound like any place we might know right here on present day Earth?

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View her fight below:. The mostly male group of Jaffa appreciate the gesture but insist that their weapons are far superior to Earth ones. The Jaffa leader scoffs at Samantha carter naked idea of an Earth woman providing any kind of weapons demonstration. Jack, now fully aware of all Carter is capable of, adds something to the challenge: What I love about this scene is that Jack chooses Carter, his second in command, as his best shooter.

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Injured from an explosion, Carter hobbles around the woods, dripping blood, and somehow eluding the drone, though there are a few close calls. By the end of the episode, dehydrated, bleeding, wounded, exhausted Carter saves herself by finding a downed SGC drone and configuring it to fire a missile at her enemy. This buys her enough time for Jack to find her with the only weapon capable Samantha carter naked stopping the super-solider.

He stares at her, confused, as she says she needs to rest for a minute. And then you Samantha carter naked, Jack is thrown off because in seven years, he has never seen her this vulnerable. This moment shakes him so much, that he sits down beside her and puts an arm around her for comfort: That she accepts it in no way diminishes her strength.

Carter no longer has anything to prove to Jack, or any other member of her team, or any other man in the military.

Samantha Carter is so smart…. Which leads me to another thing I love about Carter. Is she out at the bar trying to find a man? Is she worried about aging as a single woman?

Is she Samantha carter naked about getting married and having kids? She is married to her work. You mean, gaspa woman can be completely happy and fulfilled by something other than romance and family life?

She has the best job in the world! Why should men have all the fun? One last thing, Sam is a problem solver who never gives up. Yes, one time, Samantha Carter actually blew up a sun!

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But the evidence speaks for itself. Colonel Samanta Carter is and always shall be a kick-ass woman of Scifi.

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JACK Oh, here we go, another scientist.

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