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How to stay faithful in a long distance relationship

Porn Galleries How to stay faithful in a long distance relationship.
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I was in a long distance relationship, and I always stayed faithful. I never had the temptation to cheat because of how much I loved my bf.

One of the biggest challenges...

I've been in a long distance relationship -- never had the desire to cheat to be honest, and I wouldn't. I think if someone is considering cheating on their significant other. If I love him, there is no temptation to cheat, long distance or not.

NICE GUY: Can long distance...

Of course I would stay faithful. There's never a good excuse to cheat, imo. If anyone ever felt the temptation to cheat while in a relationship shouldn't be in relationship.

I'm a very loyal person. I definitely would stay loyal. If I felt myself not wanting to be loyal I would end it, before I cheated.